The Gallery opens call for artists in “The State We’re In” project

The Gallery are inviting artists aged 18 and over to apply to present a high-impact artwork as part of their second season. According to the announcement statement, “Our world is in flux. The list seems endless: from the effects of climate change, to war, spiralling energy costs and inflation, seismic constitutional change – kings and queens and national identities – to debates around reproductive rights and gender politics. Can art help decode what’s happening in the twenty-first century?” 

Hence, The Gallery invites 10 artists from around the world to make art about The State We’re In. 

Benefits include a fee of £2000, support from Creative Director Martin Firrell, exhibition Curator Bren O’Callaghan and an international platform to exhibit work.

Also, artwork will be showcased online at as well as access to the services of a designer to format the artwork for digital and print and many more.

Deadline to apply is October 16, 2022. Click here to apply.

The 10 selected proposals will be reproduced at scale and displayed for millions to see in public sites traditionally reserved for advertising across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This is an opportunity for artistic exposure on a grand scale and to be part of the national debate.

The Gallery, Season 1 exhibited on street billboards, digital screens, bus shelters and cinemas. The artworks were seen by over 12 million people across the U.K. 

Submissions must be proposals for two-dimensional works in any media. This includes, but is not limited to, photography, painting, drawing, text work, prints, mixed media and collage. 


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