The Beatles announce “Let It Be Reissue” with 41 unreleased tracks

Come October 15th, The Beatles will reissue a massive set of 41 unreleased tracks from their Let It Be album which they said will be available in physical and digital editions. 

Already, the Let It Be Special Edition has been featured in an official trailer, which can be found on YouTube.

According to Consequence the band is returning to the well for a truly massive new reissue. The songs that would eventually land on Let It Be were originally written for a record called Get Back in 1968 and 1969. Due to some disagreements about the mixes by engineer Glyn Johns, the project was shelved, as The Beatles moved on to recording Abbey Road. The infamous producer Phil Spector would eventually step in and finish the project, overseeing the name change to Let It Be, finishing the mixing, swapping out the song “Don’t Let Me Down,” and putting in “Across the Universe.” For these reasons, Let It Be came out in 1970 just a few months after The Beatles broke up, even though it had been recorded before the Abbey Road sessions.

“I had always thought the original film Let It Be was pretty sad as it dealt with the break-up of our band, but the new film shows the camaraderie and love the four of us had between us,” Paul McCartney wrote in his foreword for the book. “It also shows the wonderful times we had together, and combined with the newly remastered Let It Be album, stands as a powerful reminder of this time. It’s how I want to remember The Beatles.”

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