Thandiwe Newton says she gets ‘upset’ when filming fight scenes

Thandiwe Newton has said that high-octane fight scenes ‘upset’ her quite a bit.

The actress, who is known for starring in action films such as Mission: Impossible 2 and The Chronicles of Riddick, hates violence.

According to Metro, while speaking to, Thandiwe, 48, said: “I’m puny. I get upset about doing fight stuff. I mean, I’ve gotta admit, I really do.

“I’m a really good shot. And whenever I’m in a shooting gallery with dudes, I’m always the one that’s like, ‘Bang, bang, bang.’ And I don’t want to, because I don’t want them being all weird and ego with me and I am a really good shot because I don’t care,” she explained.

Thandiwe features in new sci-fi thriller Reminiscence and, despite her ambivalence, did reveal that a particular action scene in her latest outing was a career highlight.

Hugh Jackman also stars in the upcoming film and said that the ‘unique nature’ of the project appealed to him.

Thandiwe recently made headlines after she announced that she was reclaiming her original name after 30 years, after it was misspelt ‘Thandie Newton’ in the credits of her first movie, Flirting in 1991.

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