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Tems returns with “Me & U” single

Tems has made a captivating return to the music scene with her latest single, “Me & U,” following a hiatus in 2021. Renowned for her previous collaborations, which included a feature alongside Drake on Future’s “Wait for U,” the Nigerian artiste has earned global recognition.

What distinguishes “Me & U” is not only its profound lyrics but also Tems’ creative prowess. She takes on the role of director for the song’s music video, featuring elegant ocean-side dancing and enigmatic forest scenes, symbolising a spiritual journey mirroring the song’s themes.

Tems’ comeback has been eagerly awaited by her devoted fanbase. With her unique storytelling and musical style, she invites listeners on a personal journey of introspection and spiritual awakening. “Me & U” showcases her growth as an artist and her dedication to genuine self-expression.

Her triumphant return reaffirms Tems’ status as a rising star in global music. In a recent interview with Kendrick Lamar, she emphasised the importance of self-trust and resisting societal pressures.

With Tems leading the way, music becomes a transformative and soul-enriching experience, serving as a reminder to trust our instincts and remain authentic to ourselves.

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