Taylor Swift reigns supreme in Spotify’s 2023 recap

Taylor Swift has claimed the throne as the most-streamed artist of 2023, both globally and in the US, according to Spotify Wrapped, unveiled on Wednesday. The music streaming giant also unveiled a star-studded lineup in the top 10, featuring the likes of Drake, Morgan Wallen, The Weeknd and Bad Bunny.

Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” secured the title of the most-streamed song in the US, while his album “One Thing At A Time” clinched the corresponding album honour. As a delightful bonus for Swift enthusiasts, Spotify introduced Easter eggs within the app, transforming the progress bar and button into vibrant displays matching the song’s Era colour.

Swift’s most dedicated fans on Spotify are in for a treat, receiving a special card and a heartfelt thank-you message from the “Cruel Summer” artist. Meanwhile, in the realm of podcasts, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” “Call Her Daddy,” and “Crime Junkie” held sway as the most popular in the US, with “Hot Mess” by Alix Earle marking the most anticipated global podcast launch by a US creator.

Zooming out, Spotify characterised 2023 as a year marked by the resurgence of female artists, increased diversity in streaming, and the ascendancy of various genres in global music culture. Notably, Spotify introduced new personalised data features, allowing users to categorise their listening habits into distinct characters and matching them with a city based on shared artist affinity in Sound Town.

Listeners can also invite friends to create a Blend, amalgamating all of their songs into a shared playlist. To wrap up the musical journey, Spotify users can delve into their personalised year-in-review, spotlighting the top five genres and artists that defined their 2023 sonic experience.


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