Taylor Swift named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, reveals how she and Travis Kelce started dating

In a monumental culmination to an extraordinary 2023, global sensation Taylor Swift has been crowned Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, joining the ranks of influential figures like Barack Obama, Greta Thunberg, and Volodymyr Zelensky.

Swift, whose Eras tour shattered box office records and triggered an investigation into Ticketmaster’s sales practices, expressed her elation to Time, stating, “I am the proudest and happiest I’ve ever felt.” The recognition marks a pinnacle in Swift’s career, acknowledging her profound impact on the world.

In an exclusive revelation to NBC, the pop icon delved into a more personal aspect of her life, sharing the untold story of her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce. Swift disclosed that their romance began when Kelce playfully called her out on his podcast, a moment she deemed “metal as hell.” The interview provides fans with an intimate glimpse into the genesis of their connection, adding a romantic subplot to Swift’s triumphant year.

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