Sinead O’Brien returns with “GIRLKIND”

Sinead O’Brien is back. The Limerick-born songwriter signed to Chess Club Records, returns with single “GIRLKIND”.

Currently putting the finishing touches to her debut album and working with Dan Carey – the studio boffin behind Speedy Underground – her new single “GIRLKIND” is a punchy, extremely direct return, reports Clash Music.

The single, the report adds, is a neat, compact, with Sinead O’Brien discussing the performance of femininity in society, and her attempt to navigate it.

Saskia Dixie directs the video, a disorienting but eye-catching project.

“I wanted to create something that responded directly to the form and patterning of Sinead’s track. We have been fascinated with the shape of performative and neutral states of being for a long time and the film for ‘GIRLKIND’, I think, gets to the core of this idea. The passing of time is a reliable certainty that drives on regardless of what contrasting state you are currently embodying, so this became the base thread for the piece.”

“Simple domestic activities swell into loops that feel absurd and almost choreographic in parts of the work. Whilst action and consequence are mapped out visually, time becomes fragmented, as the action takes place in the neutral arena, and the result, a mark or stain, comes through into the performative sphere,” the director said. 

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