Seyi Shay unveils musical feast in “Feels Like Home Vol 1”

Seyi Shay has made a triumphant return to the music scene with her latest EP, Feels Like Home Vol 1. The release is a pivotal moment in her illustrious career, showcasing her deep-rooted connection to the world of music.

The renowned British-Nigerian singer and songwriter’s musical journey has been a captivating one, with several milestones leading up to this moment. It’s been two years since her vibrant ‘Big Girl,’ five years since the electrifying ‘Electric Package,’ and a remarkable eight years since her debut album Seyi or Shay. These past releases have laid the foundation for Seyi Shay’s remarkable story in the world of music.

Hailing from Tottenham, London, with deep roots in Nigeria, Seyi Shay’s life has been a symphony in the making. Her mother’s angelic voice in the church choir, her sister’s melodies for the BBC and her brother’s beats in London’s clubs all contributed to her musical upbringing. At the tender age of six, she took her first steps onto the stage as a member of her school choir, setting the stage for her global journey, which included performing with the London Community Gospel Choir in 13 cities in Japan.

This year, Seyi Shay made a joyous return with “BoBo,” a single that celebrates the rhythms of love, freedom, and the sheer joy of dancing to life’s melodies. It’s a reunion with an old friend and a fresh taste of something new.

Feels Like Home Vol 1 opens the door to Seyi Shay’s musical universe. In just four tracks, her velvety voice and impeccable delivery remind us why she’s cherished in the Afrobeats genre. She seamlessly fuses the sounds of the past with the beats of the future, and this EP stands as a testament to her musical prowess.

This EP is only the beginning of a trilogy, with more to come before January 2024. It’s a captivating fusion of Afrobeats and Afro House, tailor-made to resonate with her most devoted fans.

The journey commences with “BoBo,” an ADM record that immerses listeners in its vibrant rhythms. “Doing Me” follows, featuring a seamless blend of Seyi Shay’s voice alongside Migz & Ariel. “Lamba,” produced by Dr. Amir, offers an infectious rhythm and heartfelt lyrics, while “For The Streets,” also produced by Dr. Amir, showcases her versatility and vulnerability.

Speaking about the project, Seyi Shay shared, “I wanted to experiment with new sounds. I have a lot of new ideas, so I wanted to share and whet appetites. What better way than to put it all into a mixtape and gift it to my most loyal fans, real music enthusiasts who appreciate quality over quantity.”

With Feels Like Home Vol 1, Seyi Shay presents a musical masterpiece that resonates with her innermost self. It extends an invitation to savor the flavors of love, happiness, and bears witness to her resolute journey in musical innovation.

Listen to Feels Like Home Vol 1 and immerse yourself in Seyi Shay’s musical magic. The journey is just beginning, and fans can look forward to more surprises from this gifted artist in the months to come. 

For more updates and to listen to the EP, you can visit Seyi Shay online on Instagram and X 

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