Samuel Monye Gives Us His Day.

“My book ‘Give Us Each Day’ was inspired by an 8 year old beggar from the streets of Ibadan who I accosted and he narrated a story of having been abandoned in the market for the last 4 years.”

Samuel Monye, the winner of the 2017 Quramo Writers Prize talks about his book ‘ Give us each day’ at Qfest 2019 as he unpacks his faith, inspiration and his creative process.

“In the book, I wanted people to see the outcome of holding onto faith inspite of challenging circumstances and I did that using both the Christian faith and the Muslim faith.”

Underneath his unassuming visage, the graduate of environmental science favours the mind of a strategist.

“I use a lot of formulas to take my characters from the beginning to the end.”

When asked his predilection to creative books, his answers were not altogether surprising.

“The genres I enjoy reading is young adult, fantasy and thrillers. I would sacrifice every other genre for these ones anytime.”

The interview was followed by an interactive Q and A session where Samuel offered writing tips.

Samuel believes that overcoming resistance is a daily struggle that every creative should learn to overcome.

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