Ruger to headline Just Energy Transition Concert at African Energy Week 2023

In an exciting development leading up to Africa’s prominent energy event, African Energy Week (AEW) 2023, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) is thrilled to announce Ruger as the headline artiste for the Just Energy Transition Concert scheduled on October 16, 2023. According to an APO Group statement, the concert, set to take place at Cape Town’s Cabo Beach Club, will combine the worlds of music and the energy sector, fostering unity among diverse fields to celebrate strides towards a sustainable global future.

Ruger, renowned for his chart-topping tracks like “Bounce,” has swiftly risen to stardom with his distinctive Afro-dancehall style, seamlessly merging Afrobeats and dancehall elements to shape his musical identity. Notably, his hits such as “Dior” have amassed millions of views and streams, underscoring his prowess in crafting resonant tunes.

Beyond his captivating performance, Ruger’s presence symbolises a deeper significance. His influence aligns harmoniously with AEC’s objective of encouraging and engaging youth participation during AEW. By featuring Ruger at the event, AEC aims to stimulate meaningful conversations about Africa’s energy landscape, nurturing empowerment and youth involvement.

“We are thrilled to showcase Ruger at the Just Energy Transition Concert. This event resonates with AEW23’s emphasis on addressing energy poverty, sustainability, well-being, industrialization, and championing free markets. Ruger’s performance promises to infuse artistic brilliance into the ambiance, motivating young individuals to actively partake in ongoing dialogues regarding a just energy transition in Africa. We extend an invitation to all to join us in commemorating this extraordinary amalgamation of music and energy discourse,” expressed Oneyka Cindy Ojogbo, a member of the African Energy Chamber’s advisory board.

As anticipation builds for AEW 2023, attendees can anticipate an electrifying show and a vibrant atmosphere, courtesy of Ruger and other artists slated to grace the stage. The performance aligns seamlessly with the event’s mission of promoting sustainable energy solutions and driving positive change. The concert serves as a unique platform, enticing energy stakeholders and music aficionados to converge and participate in energy-related discussions. By seamlessly intertwining music and the energy sector, the Just Energy Transition Concert stands as an innovative endeavour with a distinct identity.

AEW represents AEC’s annual conference, exhibition, and networking event that unites African energy policymakers and stakeholders with global investors. The forum provides a space to explore opportunities within the continent’s energy industry. For further information about AEW 2023, please visit

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