REZthaPOET Unveils The Video Of ‘Black Is’ Off His #ColdAndFrostrated Album.

Poet, Poetographer and Spoken word artist, REZthaPOET has unveiled the video for ‘Black Is’ off his newest body of work #ColdAndFrostrated.

The creative made the revelation in a post on his social media page.

“Hello family and friends
Coming up for air – from this pile of work. I have exciting news. I am super excited. my new video “Black Is” off the #coldandfrostrated album has been released.”

The artiste gave the backstory to the new release as a prompting from an international exhibition courting the #BlackLivesMatter initiative.

“I was approached to exhibit “Black Is” in an International exhibition in the spirit of #Blacklivesmatter so I had to put a video together.
Basically, where poetry meets visual expressions as an art form (think, poetography). This video is a mosaic probing of blackness.
The Video: ‘Black is’ combines flashes of history, culture, beauty, victory, strength in ‘Blackness’. The more we search for the depths of its truth the more we find lots of answers.”

Check out the video here:

About REZthaPoet

Born Adebola Afolabi – Business Consultant, Poet, Poetographer and Spoken word artist. REZthaPoet delves into different cultural and artistic shifts by using the spoken word poetry genre to educate, engage and entertain a growing and displaced middle class. He has graced several stages in Nigeria and across Africa for over eleven years. He has also worked on collaborative art projects with visual artists and music artists.

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