Remembering Coolio: Futurama’s touching tribute to the rap icon

Renowned rapper Coolio, whose real name was Artis Leon Ivey Jr., made a posthumous appearance in the popular adult-animated series Futurama, leaving fans both nostalgic and teary-eyed. 

Therapper, who sadly passed away on September 28, 2022 at 59, revisited his role as Kwanzaa-Bot in the Hulu reboot of the show titled “I Know What You Did Next Xmas.”

In his final episode, released on August 28, 2023, Coolio’s character, Kwanzaa-Bot, delivered a memorable and futuristic rendition of “The 12 Days of Christmas.” The episode paid a heartfelt tribute to the late rapper, displaying the words “In memory of Coolio” as Kwanzaa-Bot rode into the sunset.

Coolio was celebrated for his iconic 1995 hit, “Gangsta’s Paradise,” which featured on the soundtrack of the film “Dangerous Minds” and topped charts worldwide. Apart from his musical success, Coolio also contributed to the entertainment world by voicing Kwanzaa-Bot in Futurama and creating the intro for Nickelodeon’s beloved show, “Keenan and Kel.”

Fans can anticipate a posthumous album, “Long Live Coolio,” set to be released later this year, although the exact date remains undisclosed. The first single from the album, “TAG, You It,” featuring Too $hort and DJ Wino, was already released in March, ensuring that Coolio’s legacy lives on through his music.

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