Rapper RT, aka Rubin Theoc, takes rap world by storm

Talented rapper RT is taking the music world by storm. The young music artiste, All Hip Hop reports, has been storming the electronic music scene for quite a few years. His unique style of rapping has already created an enormous fan base, according to the report. 

Rap, the outlet adds, has been gradually taking over the music scene in the US because of the artistic liberty it allows. Hence,usicians can weave stories, write poetry, and pour their hearts out while rapping. With this, rap is influencing a whole new wave of mainstream music for young talent in the industry. 

Contemporary rappers experiment fearlessly to bring a new style and flow to this genre. One such is Rubin Theoc, or as he is formally known, RT, who was raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He calls both Fort Lauderdale and Miami his home because its diverse music culture has helped him shape his career as a music artiste.

RT was passionate about music from a very young age. He loved listening to all genres of music and was fascinated by the distinct style and rhythm of each. This appreciation for multiple music genres has helped RT create his unique style of composition that has set him apart from his contemporaries.

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