QuramoWritersPrize Entry -“Deep Ocean” by Obinna Tony-Francis Ochem

‘“Deep Ocean” by Obinna Tony-Francis Ochem makes the shortlist of 15 for this year’s #QuramoWritersPrize

Read the excerpt of the shortlisted manuscript below:

Walking out from the door, he took three steps before walking down the wooden staircase of his bamboo house. He gripped his phone in his palm, and the dim rays of light from his phone’s flashlight illuminated the debris. He walked towards the mound.

Perplexed, his body froze and he placed his phone into his pocket and stood with arm akimbo. What’s this? He thought to himself. The current really disturbed eh, and there is enough work to do tomorrow.

He heaved, puffing out cold air. His body stiffened and he clenched his palms together, twisting and causing his fingers to crack in succession. He shivered as cold air puffed out from his mouth and nose. His attention caught a movement in the debris. It was moving in slow motion and the debris was falling little by little. He twitched his hands around his stomach, and kept drifting backward.

Announcement of the winner for this year’s #QuramoWritersPrize will be made on Sunday, December 15 , 2019 at Qfest 2019.

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