Quramo Festival of Words 2023 wraps up 1st day with cinematic flourish and literary promise

The much-anticipated Quramo Festival of Words, affectionately known as QFest 2023, kicked off with a bang on its opening day, leaving attendees enriched and eager for more.

From illuminating workshops to an enthralling film showcase, Day 1 had it all. Anwuli Ojogwu’s Self-Editing workshop, Morenike Olusanya’s Stories in Visuals class, and Ms. Linda Bembatoum’s Grant Writing Class were just a few of the knowledge-packed sessions that captivated the audience. Attendees relished the opportunity to interact one-on-one with industry experts and fellow creatives.

But the highlight of the day was the open film screening session, expertly hosted by Ms. Oyinkan of Quramo Productions. This cinematic journey took viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, with films spanning various themes and genres.

The lineup included:

  1. Kiriji War by Durotimi Akinkugbe: An animated historical film that transported the audience back to the Yoruba land of 1877-1893.
  2. Ewa by Mark Eyesan and Team: A heartwarming animated story about self-acceptance and the love for beans.
  3. Burkina Babes by Kagho Idebhor and Team: A celebration of the strength of African women, challenging stereotypes.
  4. Born Different by Ann Sarafina: A touching exploration of a woman’s journey with Neurofibromatosis, showcasing the power of resilience and friendship.
  5. Certainly Sir by Ms. 10PP: A satirical take on the rise of Artificial Intelligence.
  6. Sad Cartoon by Daniel “S.A.D” Alaka: A feel-good animated film reminiscent of childhood struggles.
  7. Etido by Oladele Bello: A thought-provoking film about the circle of life, framed against the backdrop of protests.
  8. Babushka: An animated film shedding light on insecurity and mental illness.
  9. Looking for Maya by Regal: A poignant conversation between a daughter and her late mother, exploring the power of forgiveness.
  10. Tomati by Esther Kemi Gbadamosi and Animation Nigeria: A stop-motion film emphasising the importance of positive thinking and hard work.
  11. Friendship and Loneliness by Chukwufumnanya Ochei: A relatable story of work fatigue among the working class.
  12. The Broken Mask by Kagho Idebor: A powerful narrative of sexual abuse, combining spirituality and cultural elements.

Day 1 concluded with attendees brimming with enthusiasm for what Day 2 would bring. For those yet to register, the opportunity to join this literary extravaganza remains open. Save your seat for Quramo Festival of Words QFEST 2023, running from October 5th to 8th.

The winner of the Quramo Writers’ Prize 2023 will be announced at the grand finale on Sunday, October 8th, 2023.

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