“Pose” writer Janet Mock wants more money for her scripts

Writer, director and executive producer on the FX series Pose, Janet Mock has reportedly delivered a strongly worded criticism of Hollywood at the show’s third season premiere event.

Created by Ryan Murphy, Pose centres on the gender-conforming ball culture of New York in the 1980s and 1990s, and features an ensemble cast which includes numerous transgender actors. Season three begins in the US on 2 May.

According to reports from journalists who attended the premiere event, Mock spoke on stage for nearly 15 minutes, asking why she wasn’t paid more for her work on the series, at one point saying: “F*** Hollywood”.

She also questioned the quality of episodes written by men which aired during the show’s first season, reports Independent.Mock, a trans woman and activist, began her speech by saying (as quoted in The Daily Beast): “This is what Pose taught me. I stand up taller in the world because of this show. I know that I matter because of this show. I have a voice because of this show.”

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