Photo-researcher, Helen Gebregiorgis explores Lagos and it’s resilient people

What is your Lagos story of Resilience?

This city hardens you.

It gives you a story. One that is reminiscent of harsh words and surmounting daily hurdles.
It is how it trains you.
Creating resilience in you; the inate ability to look challenges in the eye and in the lingo of the street tell it, ‘You no reach.’

Eritrean American photographer and researcher, Helen Gebregiorgis, understand this phenomenon all too well and she tells it all in her new photo book on the human condition.

The photo book titled ‘Budding Lagos’ is based on a project she completed in 2017.
The project was inspired by the
Lagos@50 celebrations and took the angle of explicitly focusing on everyday Lagosians contributing to Lagos’s development.

The book launch of ‘Budding Lagos’ will take place on
Sunday, September 29, 2019, at the Gallery, in Freedom Park, alongside a discourse led by high-performing professionals as they share their stories of ‘Resilience’, living in the Metropolis.

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