Patoranking’s “Celebrate Me” is a single with a strong message – Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

Patoranking’s single “Celebrate Me” is without a doubt an instant hit, with the song racking up points on major streaming platforms. Heralding the vocals of Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie, known as Patoranking, the song dwells on a couple of soulful themes, one necessary to contemporary societal discourse.

The single confirms societal dispositions towards failure, with Patoranking presenting a personal narrative of his journey to stardom. He states that the society treats failure with scorn, regardless of the amount of effort exercised by the individual wallowing in this state of ill luck. The first few verses of the song pay tribute to braving the odds, telling the narrative from a first-person perspective.

Patoranking deftly weaves into the song’s main message – the essence of celebrating each other and ourselves in the present. He pushes strongly for the importance of celebrating the lives of achievers while they are still alive, and declares that reserving such adulations till their death is pure hypocrisy. The song addresses the widespread practice of individuals spending lavishly on their dead, whom they might have abandoned whilst they lived.

In a sleek style characteristic of a modern griot, Patoranking mentions names of achievers in social and political circles, celebrating their worth and achievements. By this, the artiste promotes his circle, while leading by example and furthering the tenets of his message. He shows us that these individuals and many more, deserve applause and celebration befitting of their high standing. He takes the bull by the horn, fighting against the very societal stereotype he preaches against.

“Celebrate Me” is a song worthy of listen and appreciation, as it is a testament of the creative artistry of Patoranking. The song fronts one of the very essences of music – voicing perspectives woven into our very fabric. It is a single with a message worthy of adoption and implementation, as it extols hard work while praising living personages to glorify their worth and achievements before they are laid to rest.

Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez is a mad creative on the loose with interest in law, media, communications and journalism

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