Oluwa Femzy teams up with Oritse Femi for ‘Life’

The Nigerian music scene is buzzing with excitement as rising star Oluwa Femzy collaborates with the legendary Oritse Femi on a powerful new single titled “Life.” This inspirational track, according to a statement, chronicles Femzy’s journey from humble beginnings to achieving his dreams, blending motivational lyrics with infectious Afropop beats.

“Life” is more than just a song—it’s an anthem of perseverance and faith. Oritse Femi’s iconic voice adds depth to the track, reinforcing its message of resilience and determination. The song embraces the “no pain, no gain” mentality, urging listeners to overcome challenges and stay focused on their aspirations. With lyrics like “Bere gbe cause nah you get your load” (translated to “Carry your load because it’s yours”) and “God all the way,” the track emphasises the importance of hard work and trusting in God as the keys to success.

Oluwa Femzy describes “Life” as a tribute to dream chasers everywhere. “This song is for everyone out there chasing their dreams,” he says. “There will be challenges, but with hard work and faith, anything is possible.”

Listen/stream here and connect with  Oluwa Femzy on Instagram & X.

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