Odunsi The Engine To Drop New EP “Everything You Heard Is True” At Midnight.

Since the self-acclaimed King of Alte music’s debut album “rare.” fans have been waiting for a follow up.

Odunsi shared on Twitter that his album is taking longer than expected, but he has a gift for his fans: an EP.

“So here’s the thing. i definitely need more time with the album. last year has been a rollercoaster i’m sure you guys could feel it. but i have a gift for u and i. because we deserve it. and it’s time to have a lil fun,” he finished

The EP, titled “Everything You Heard Is True,” is dropping this midnight, and it features seven tracks:

*Luv in a Mosh
*Nü Finesse
*Airplane Mode
*PDA featuring Maison 2500
*Wicked Sexy featuring Maison 2500
*Body Count featuring Amaa Rae, Beto Black and Gigi Atlantis
*Shuga Rush

Fingers crossed.

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