Ode Broham & Drum Fu get introspective with new single ‘Way2Deep’

Ode Broham and Drum Fu are back with a new single, “Way2Deep,” set for release on April 23. This track marks a sharp turn from the lighthearted vibes of the Canadian-American rapper and his producer counterpart’s previous collaboration, the i need a vacation EP.

While the energetic production might initially lull listeners into a summery state of mind, “Way2Deep” tackles deeper themes of disconnection and overstimulation. The song’s catchy chorus reveals the true weight of the lyrics: “I don’t wanna be here right now,” Ode croons over a fading beat, metaphorically diving beneath the surface-level cheer.

This introspective mood continues throughout the song. Ode expresses a sense of disillusionment, rapping, “I used to have a good day on occasion / I find nowadays that ain’t the case.” “Way2Deep” cleverly disguises itself as a beach bop, while portraying the perspective of someone overwhelmed by the daily grind. The upbeat melody cleverly contrasts the somber lyrics, creating a unique and thought-provoking listening experience.

This upcoming release is the second single from the deluxe version of “i need a vacation,” due in May. “Way2Deep” follows the previously released “Blowing Mines,” and both tracks explore the reasons behind our yearning for escape.

Ode Broham, formerly known as Capital Ode, was born in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada to West-Indian parents. Growing up in a household filled with the sounds of Dancehall and House music, courtesy of his DJ father, Ode’s love for music began early. This passion continued to grow after his family’s relocation to the United States when he was 10 years old.

By high school, Ode had seamlessly blended the musical influences he’d gathered from Toronto, South Florida, Alabama, New Jersey and New York, resulting in a unique style that has garnered him a loyal fanbase.

Throughout his career, Ode Broham has blessed his fans with three albums, two EPs, and a collection of singles. In 2019, he released the critically-acclaimed album DONT COME HOME DEAD, produced entirely by his longtime collaborator, Drum Fu. This project showcased a growth in production techniques and tackled serious themes like infidelity, immigration struggles, and police brutality.

Critically praised by publications like Reignland, Bedford and Bowery and HipHopSpeakEasy, Ode Broham is an artiste on the rise. “Way2Deep” is poised to be another critical and commercial success, showcasing the artiste’s introspective lyricism and undeniable musical talent.

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