Nnamani Music Group set to revolutionise African indie music scene

Nnamani Music Group (NMG), the freshly unveiled groundbreaking platform is set to disrupt the music distribution landscape across Africa, catering to independent rights holders.

Founded by industry veterans Nnamani Chimaobi John (Johnel NG) and Nnamani Grace Odi, NMG, according to a statement, aims to empower indie labels and musicians by providing them with comprehensive support and global distribution opportunities.

With the advent of digital streaming platforms, the music industry has undergone a seismic shift, leading to both challenges and opportunities for artistes and rights holders. NMG’s platform comes as a timely solution to address the economic hurdles faced by independent creators in navigating the complex world of music streaming and royalty distribution.

“We saw a crucial need to bridge the gap between talented indie artistes and their audience,” remarked Johnel NG, co-founder of NMG. “Our mission is not only to discover and nurture emerging talent but also to ensure they receive fair compensation for their work in the digital age.”

NMG’s platform offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of indie rights holders. From artiste account management to strategic marketing campaigns, NMG’s specialised team is poised to elevate the visibility and reach of independent music across local and international digital streaming platforms.

One of the distinguishing features of NMG’s offering is its partnership with American label ONErpm, enabling seamless global distribution for successful applicants. Artistes selected by NMG will benefit from free distribution across all major digital service providers (DSPs), unlocking access to a wider audience and potential revenue streams.

Johnel NG,

“We believe in the power of music to transcend boundaries and connect people from different cultures,” added Nnamani Grace Odi, co-founder of NMG. “Our platform is not just about distribution; it’s about amplifying diverse voices and fostering a thriving ecosystem for independent music in Africa and beyond.”

NMG’s launch heralds a new era of opportunities for indie musicians and labels, promising a more equitable and sustainable music industry landscape. 


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