Nigerian celebrities take a stand against Xenophobia; Attack AKA for fueling hate

If you thought that the recent Xenophobic attacks by South Africans against African nationals would result in a concerted pushback by Nigerian celebrities.
Then you were right.
But Nigerian artistes are doing much more.
They are taking a more creative stand against the unprovoked killings.
Tiwa Savage in a heavily-retweeted message, cancelled her upcoming performance in SA this month leaving us in no doubt as to the reason why.

Vector also cut out SA as one of the venues of his anticipated tour, and in the same breathe strongly attacked rapper MI for playing the diplomatic card at such a critical time.

MI, unsurprisingly decided to tread lightly and sent out a few diplomatic tweets, defending his friend rapper AKAs honour as a lover of everything Nigerian.

Burna boy on the other hand was not having it, slamming rapper AKA in a colourful use of choice expletives to make his point. He also reserved a few words for his colleague MI, hinting strongly that he expected more from the veteran rapper.

The attack on rapper AKA is not completely unfounded. He was afterall ‘slammed’ for posting xenophobic tweets just a few weeks ago when he complained about Nigerians always beating them in everything after South Africa lost to the Nigerian side in the Nation’s cup qualifiers.

Ycee’s approach was a little less mild yet effective as he pleaded with influencual stakeholders to tread lightly concerning the messages they put out on social media regarding the matter.

No performance boycott was made on his part.

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