Narrative Landscape Press unveils captivating year-end reads

Narrative Landscape Press bids farewell to 2023 with a curated selection of must-reads, promising to captivate readers of all tastes. Leading the pack is Yvonne Orji’s Bamboozled by Jesus, a genre-defying memoir and self-help fusion. Orji ingeniously intertwines humour with profound life lessons, providing readers with a modern biblical blueprint for success. Priced at ₦5,500, this literary gem is poised to inspire and empower.

Next on the list is the enthralling saga Saro, which follows Siwoolu and his family through the landscapes of betrayal, love and redemption, spanning from Abeokuta to Freetown. Inspired by true events of the 1830s-1850s, this epic tale, priced at ₦4,000, weaves curses, love triangles and the pursuit of justice into a tapestry of resilience.

For poetry enthusiasts, Wreaths for a Wayfarer beckons with 267 original poems by 127 poets worldwide. An anthology honouring Pius Adesanmi, the collection explores themes of existence, mortality, immortality and hope, offering a diverse literary experience at ₦5,000.

Young readers are not forgotten, as Valerie Akpobome’s A Potpourri of Tales presents four short stories brimming with enlightenment, heartwarming moments and humour. Priced at ₦2,500, this collection imparts invaluable life lessons on family, love and embracing differences.

Narrative Landscape Press, an independent publishing firm of fiction, non-fiction, memoirs and children’s books, invites readers to explore these literary treasures and more, available on their website. As the year draws to a close, these picks promise to be the perfect companions for those seeking to meet reading goals or simply unwind.


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