Narrative Landscape Press out with “Psst… Just Saying” by Obafunke

Narrative Landscape Press has announced the release of the latest work by Obafunke, titled, Psst… Just Saying, musings of an exasperated woman.

In Psst… Just Saying, Obafunke draws readers out of their comfort zone into her orbit without apologising for her viewpoint. Her central argument is that cultural norms evolve and exist for reasons that ensure their survival in the Zeitgeist, said the announcement statement.

“These deeply personal and emotional poignant essays present the writer’s concerns about modernism, culture, respect and life. They make for a read that is in turns deadly serious, outrageously funny and profoundly honest”.

Obafunke is a chartered accountant who worked in financial services for three and a half decades. She now lives in what she considers contented retirement­ – just enough busyness to stave off severe ennui and much time on her hands to engage in much-needed solitude. She believes she has earned the right to be just a tad eccentric. This volume is her second published book.

Narrative Landscape Press is a Lagos-based independent publishing company founded by Anwuli Ojogwu and Dr Eghosa Imasuen in 2016. It is a traditional publishing company that is interested in publishing African voices. Our authors include Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Oyinkan Braithwaite and Marlon James. The company also provides publishing services to other publishing houses and self-publishing authors within the Nigerian space.

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