Monseeka’s new single “Over the Radar” takes listeners on a musical journey

Monseeka, an emerging sensation in the contemporary music scene, has released her newest single, “Over the Radar.” 

The song is a fusion of R&B’s smooth vibes with the subtle Dancehall rhythms, creating a unique sound that showcases her versatility and talent.

“Over the Radar” is inspired by Monseeka’s personal voyage toward a state of “nirvana,” where dreams come true and authentic selves shine. Through meaningful verses and melodies that stay with you, Monseeka skillfully navigates the complex emotions tied to both the destination and the path that led her there.

The song is produced by Bigfootinyourface, an innovative producer and engineer who consistently pushes music production boundaries. For over a decade, his contributions have left an indelible impact on the industry through collaborations with talents in Nigeria and Africa. His collaboration with Monseeka is a breather from the norm, as they explore genres and create a distinctive sonic landscape that draws listeners into their world.

“Over the Radar” is now available on all major streaming platforms. You can listen to it here. You can also follow Monseeka on Instagram to stay updated on her latest projects and news.

Monseeka (Pamela Leesi Peter) hails from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She’s a versatile talent as a singer/songwriter, photographer, and writer. As the 39th Miss Nigeria, she embodies a true Renaissance spirit, shining brightly in various artistic realms. Her music is a fusion of R&B, Afrosoul, and Dancehall, creating a distinctive sonic landscape that draws listeners into her world.

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