Missy Elliott to artistes working on their second album, “go with your gut” and be “fearless”

Missy Elliott has given advice to artists working on their second album, encouraging them to take risks and not allow themselves to be pigeonholed, according to NME.

“Sophomore albums are a very PIVOTAL time for [artists],” the rap icon tweeted Thursday 7 July 7. “Your sophomore album will be stressful but it’s the BEST ALBUM to EXPERIMENT on! Don’t be AFRAID! Becuz If u play safe you will be BOXED in & it’s hard to get out because your fans get used to that 1 sound.”

She continued: “Listen CLOSELY! Go with the songs you feel you should drop, not what everyone else suggests! You the Artist must FEEL it YASELF because YOU are the one that has to SELL it & CONVINCE ppl it’s HOT. Go with your GUT! Fearless.” 

She should know, Missy Elliott’s second album, Da Real World, arrived in 1999 to critical acclaim, and was certified platinum the following year. Spawning singles like “She’s a Bitch” and “All N My Grill”, Da Real World was released two years after her debut, Supa Dupa Fly. 

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