Metanoia Africa and Cain Africa Partner with Jobberman to Launch Free Soft Skills Training

Metanoia Africa and CAIN Africa are partnering with Jobberman to provide free soft skills training for 1000 young people. The goal of the initiative is to help young people develop skills and behaviours to successfully navigate different situations in the workplace.
Having the right skills for the workplace is beyond a university degree, certifications and years of working experience. Employers need employees who possess soft skills including Time management skills, Interpersonal skills, Problem solving skills, Communication skills.
Undoubtedly, hard skills are still in high demand but with the increasing competition in the job market, successful job seekers are those with a great combination of hard and soft skills.

‘The alarming prevalence of skill mismatch and the consequential decline in employability is a huge challenge to the growth of the Nigerian economy and as such, educational institutions and employers of labor need to include soft skills training in their curricula.
Soft skills determine the quality of your social interactions, the success of your work, your ability to resolve conflicts and so much more.’ says Asagba Oghenerukeme Founder, CAIN Educational and Medical Foundation).

‘Soft skills are important to both employers and employees. For employers, a workforce of staff with soft skills mastery reduces employer recruitment cost, training time and employee turnover, and improves staff performance on bottom-line business metrics, such as increased sales and improved stakeholder relationship.
For employees, Soft skills provide a mix of skills, attitudes, behaviors, personal qualities and mindsets that enable their success across different situations in work and life’ says Inem King, Founder, Metanoia Africa.

Prince Ihemegbulam, Senior Youth Engagement Associate for Jobberman reiterated that ‘In today’s workplace and digital economy, soft skills training has increasingly grown in relevance’

The training will start on March 15th, 2021 and participating in the training also guarantees enrolees a Jobberman verified certificate.

How to participate:
If you’re interested in the Soft Skills training, kindly enrol using the link-
For more information on the training, send an email to, or send a DM to @metanoiaafrica @cainafrica on social media.

Metanoia Africa is an African women-led organisation committed to promoting positive change in young men and women in Africa through creative arts, social impact initiatives and capacity building programmes.

CAIN (Catering to Africans In Need) is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide quality education and healthcare to the less privileged in impoverished African societies. For more information, please visit:

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