Meek Mill’s X inquiry sparks hilarious African banter on platform

Meek Mill Roasted For Asking How Fans In Africa Manage ek Mill, the MMG rapper, found himself at the centre of African Twitter’s merciless teasing after innocently inquiring about the popularity of his music in South Africa, reports. On Saturday, he took to X to ask about how people in South Africa and Nigeria listen to his music. The responses were quick and humorous, with one user mentioning music playing through the trunk of an elephant in summer and giraffes catching signals in spring.

Another user humorously described using rocks or trees to play the music, and on rainy days, they would climb mountains to listen to the forest play Meek’s songs. The banter continued with anecdotes about local practices, such as a Sangoma dreaming about Meek’s music and using drums to perform for the village.

The entertaining exchange lightened the mood, with tweets praising the humour and even suggesting it helped ease tensions between Nigerians and South Africans. The playful responses extended to other regions, with one user from Namibia claiming they communicate with ancestors using empty bottles, and Meek’s music starts playing from the clouds.

Despite the lighthearted social media banter, Meek Mill recently faced more serious allegations. His former friend Dean claimed on social media that Meek had kicked Nicki Minaj out of his house during their tumultuous two-year relationship. Dean detailed an incident where Meek argued with Nicki in a store over money, suggesting a more intense aspect of the rapper’s personal life surfacing on social media.

While Meek Mill’s social media presence is often marked by harmless incidents, this recent trend brings a more serious note to the rapper’s online interactions.

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