Mark Owen features daughters on new album

Mark Owen’s new solo record features his daughters Willow, 13, and Fox, nine the 50-year-old Take That star who also has a son Elwood, 15, with wife Emma Ferguson, revealed.

Music News reports that he told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “They’re into all their own music but actually they’re aware and interested in this, which is nice.

“The girls are singing on the record, doing backing vocals with two girls who have been performing with Foo Fighters, so that was exciting and a nice experience for them.

“They’re excited about it being out this week, and keep asking questions about it.”

And Mark, the outlet also reports, is hoping to hit the road for a solo tour with his record Land Of Dreams, which will be released in September.

He said: “Live is what it’s all about, of course, and I can’t wait to gig the new songs when the album is finally released.

“I’ve got myself a band together, which is exciting, and we’re playing Isle of Wight and Latitude Festival. I couldn’t be more excited – but mostly because I love festivals and I know I’ll wander around and watch everyone else. I just went to Coachella and saw Harry Styles, Dave, loads of different people – so what will happen is we’re just about to go on stage and the band and tour manager will all be like, ‘Where’s Mark?’ I’m just excited to be there and see everyone else – but it’s a joy to be part of it.” 

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