Mark Haddon to give all US royalties to abortion activists

Mark Haddon, the English author best known for The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night, is showing up to support abortion access in the US, The Daily Beast teports. 

He announced Wednesday that until Roe v. Wade is reinstated or “some equivalent action is taken,” all of his US royalties for Curious Incident will go toward The National Network of Abortion Funds, an abortion rights group. The book had sold more than 10 million copies as of 2019. In a tweet, Haddon said he’s getting the ball rolling with a £10,000 donation. 

“It is one part of a wider judicial coup carried out by the Republican Party who have been doggedly undermining democracy while the Democrats play by the rules and place their trust in some nebulous ability the system supposedly has to right itself,” Haddon told The Bookseller. “I wanted to do more than loudly voice my opposition and I’m grateful that the sales of Curious Incident enable me to do that.”



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