‘Loving Every Minute’: Leandro Lehart breathes new life into 90s classic

Leandro Lehart has put his unique spin on a 90s classic with his latest project. 

Known for his mastery of samba, the Brazilian music icon has reimagined The Lighthouse Family’s hit “Loving Every Minute” with his signature Brazilian touch. 

Using the cavaquinho, Lehart infuses the song with new energy and soul, setting the stage for a collection of international favourites to come.

Leandro Lehart/ONErpm

A musical prodigy from São Paulo, Lehart’s journey into music started at a young age. From forming a junior samba school at nine to co-founding the group Art Popular in the 80s, Lehart’s influence on Brazilian music is undeniable. With over 600 songs recorded, Leandro Lehart continues to push boundaries and reinvent classics.

Listen/stream “Loving Every Minute” here to experience Leandro Lehart’s global touch.

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