Laycon illuminates hearts with “Shine” music video

Laycon, the acclaimed winner of Big Brother Naija 2020, continues to captivate audiences with his latest music video, “Shine.” The artiste, whose journey began with the hit single “Fierce” and debut album Shall We Begin, now takes centre stage once again with his sophomore album, BIOBA (Like A King).

The “Shine” music video, directed by Unlimited L.A and Laycon himself, serves as a testament to Laycon’s commitment to community and self-belief. “You can never stop my shine,” proclaims Laycon, embodying the resilience and confidence that have defined his career.

In an exclusive statement, Laycon shared, “For me, the ‘Shine’ video was a way to connect my light to the source of its power. And the source of this power are the people, the people around me, you, us. I think we are the source of each other’s light, and as we shine, other people shine through us and vice versa.”

The video features Laycon’s philanthropic efforts, where he spreads love and support to various communities. From covering school fees for students to paying for drivers’ fuel and covering shopping expenses at the mall, Laycon’s generosity knows no bounds. The artiste sees his role as not just a musician but as a king who takes care of his community.

Laycon’s “Shine” is more than just a music video; it’s a celebration of the interconnectedness of humanity and the positive impact one individual can have on a community. By sharing his gifts with the world, Laycon emphasises the importance of unity and collective joy.

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