Lagos International Jazz Festival 2024 set to dazzle music enthusiasts

Music aficionados are gearing up for the Lagos International Jazz Festival 2024 Showcase, promising an evening of unparalleled musical enchantment in a city pulsating with rhythm and soul. 

Set against the vibrant backdrop of The Live Lounge VI, located at 15 Idejo Street, Victoria Island, in a statement organisers said the event is slated to kick off at 4 pm on Sunday, April 7th, 2024.

Headlining this electrifying affair is none other than the sensational Nigerian-American musician, Kanwulia, who will be culminating her Amerikana Who’s That Girl Easter Lagos Tour with a mesmerising performance. With her soulful melodies and infectious energy, Kanwulia is poised to captivate audiences and leave them spellbound.

Kanwulia                   Image: Courtney artiste

Adding to the allure of the evening, members of the renowned 10strings All Stars Band will grace the stage with their virtuoso performances, promising an auditory feast for the senses. Additionally, special guest appearances by DJ Jimbo, The AFRO4 Band, and other notable acts are guaranteed to keep the excitement alive well into the night.

However, admission to this exclusive event is strictly by special invitation only. Music enthusiasts eager to partake in this unforgettable evening are encouraged to request their invitations promptly by sending a WhatsApp message to 08023044806.

As anticipation reaches a fever pitch, attendees are urged not to miss out on this unparalleled celebration of jazz and musical camaraderie. With promises of unforgettable memories and euphoric melodies, the Lagos International Jazz Festival 2024 Showcase is set to be an INSPIRO PDXN event of epic proportions.

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