Lagos Book Walk 2024 gears up for a literary pilgrimage uniting minds

As the literary calendar turns its page to March, anticipation builds for the upcoming 2024 annual edition of the Lagos Book Walk, organised by the Network of Book Clubs and Reading Culture Promoters in Nigeria (NBRP). Set to unfold on Thursday, March 7, 2024, this event is poised to ignite a passion for books and literacy across the vibrant streets of Lagos.

With the hashtag #NBRPLagosBookWalk trending, numerous influential books and reading groups have eagerly pledged their participation, underscoring the widespread support for this initiative aimed at fostering a deeper appreciation for the written word. The procession will commence at Falomo Roundabout, wind its way through the bustling thoroughfares of Awolowo Road in Ikoyi, and culminate in a grand finale at Freedom Park on 2 Hospital Road, Lagos Island. Here, a plethora of book-centric activities and entertainment await, promising a day to remember.

Among the esteemed organisations set to join the march are the UN SDGs Book Clubs African Chapter, Lantern Books, AIFA Reading Society, Borders Literature for all Nations, ZODML Library, and the Alogba Community Library in Ikorodu. Complementing these literary stalwarts are key partners such as the Lagos Book and Art Festival (LABAF), Nigeria Book Fair Trust, Booksellers Association of Nigeria, and the Nigeria Publishers Association, among others.

Mr Anote Ajeluorou, spokesperson for the Network of Book Clubs, outlined the robust agenda for 2024, which includes a series of activities aimed at promoting reading culture. These activities, ranging from members-only gatherings to virtual celebrations, culminate in the highly anticipated Lagos Book Walk, an event that transcends boundaries to embrace book enthusiasts from all walks of life.

The ethos of the Lagos Book Walk is encapsulated in its rallying cry, as articulated in the event flyer: The flyer for NBRPLagosBookWalk lays out the reasons ‘WHY WE ARE WALKING’ to indicate that “Just as a book, with all the wealth and enchantment it contains, can be carried everywhere, so also can the culture of reading sprout anywhere. All it needs is a mind that is hungry to be educated, enlightened, and transformed! The Network of Book Clubs & Reading Culture Promoters in Nigeria, NBRP is a coming-together of individuals and groups motivated, not just by the magic of the written word and the power of language, but also to share this with others in our society. This is why we are walking.

“We are walking to spread awareness. We are walking to illuminate the dark corners of our collective psyche. We are walking to challenge the culture of aliteracy that is corroding our land and lowering our visions and sights. And, yes, we are also walking to stir our innate drive to keep on pushing for excellence and success; that thing that makes us want to fly beyond the bounds of our circumstances into the realms of fresh possibilities.

“We are walking for the book because, in books we see the incredible, and it gives us the courage to attempt the impossible. That’s why we are walking.”

The Lagos Book Walk (#NBRPLagosBookWalk) is an annual advocacy event convened by NBRP and partners in the book ecosystem to loudly boost the reading culture. It is physical and virtual and the physical event takes place at pre-designated locations in Lagos State. The first episode took place in Ikeja on April 27, 2023 and the 2024 edition will hold at Ikoyi and Lagos Island. The 2025 and 2026 editions are already billed to be hosted in Ikorodu and Badagry.

The next activity of the book clubs’ network is the flag off of Yenagoa’s tenure as the Nigerian National Book Clubs City from April 23, 2024. Yenagoa would be taking up the baton from Lagos which had itself succeeded Uyo in that role. Other activities listed in the calendar for the year 2024 include participation at the Nigerian International Book Fair in May and Lagos Book and Arts Festival in November. There is also the annual crown jewel event of the association, namely the Annual General Meeting and National Conference on Reading which will be held this year in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State in September.

NBRP was established in February, 2020. It is an amalgam of book clubs and reading culture promotions organisations from all over Nigeria. It, and its affiliate members, carry out reading promotions activities all over the country, all year long.

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