Knucks drops new single ‘Nkita’ featuring Fimiguerrero

UK rapper Knucks returns with his first solo track since his 2022 hit album, Alpha Place, per The new release, “Nkita,” is accompanied by a high-energy video that showcases Knucks’ dynamic style. Featuring rising star Fimiguerrero and produced by Kare, the track promises to captivate fans.

Pronounced [n-kí-tá], “Nkita” translates to “dog” in Igbo, a Nigerian language, and is commonly used as an insult meaning “wild animal.”

Knucks reclaims the term, embracing its connotations of wildness and recklessness. Speaking about the track, Knucks said, “‘Nkita’ means dog in Igbo, my native language, and is generally used as an insult like ‘wild animal’. This song represents embracing that wild side and owning that title as someone who can be composed and put together but also has that wild savage side.”

Check out the electrifying video on Instagram

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