Khamari shares “Right My Wrongs” video

Khamari has released the official video for his single “Right My Wrongs,” directed by Izzy Nguyen-Rael, Rated R&B reports.

The dramatic clip, the outlet writes, finds the R&B newcomer roaming in a home he once shared with a significant other. Vignettes of the final moments of his strained relationship are shown throughout the video. In the end, we see Khamari in a common area alone with nothing but his thoughts, signaling that there’s much more he has to unpack off-screen.

“The ‘Right My Wrongs’ video depicts when a relationship ends and the physical space you used to share becomes a prison of memories and reminders of what used to be. I question, ‘What could I have done differently?’ and think, ‘Maybe we were train cars passing, and it isn’t meant to be,’” explains Khamari. “Nostalgia and thoughts of how I might’ve appreciated those moments more had I known they were slipping through my fingers as I relive the memories in every room.”

“Right My Wrongs” appears on Khamari’s debut album, A Brief Nirvana, which was released in May via RCA Records.

Regarding A Brief Nirvana, Khamari explained to Rated R&B: “This album is about the struggle of one growing into adulthood. I was making music out of my grandfather’s attic previously when I was in Boston, before packing up my stuff, moving to Los Angeles, and trying to find myself socially out here — and dealing with my adult responsibilities.”

He continued, “For a lot of people, day-to-day can be tough even if you have been an adult for a while. Those are things that are very real for people. That’s something that I wanted to express with this project. Finding a brief nirvana for me was a battle and it was a fight.”

A Brief Nirvana includes the singles “Doctor, My Eyes,” “Drifting” and “On My Way.” 

“Right My Wrongs” is the second song from A Brief Nirvana to receive an official video, following “Doctor, My Eyes.” 

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