Ken Nwadiogbu’s ‘I Belong Here’ opens in Berlin

The Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery is set to host a powerful solo exhibition by Nigerian artist Ken Nwadiogbu. Titled “I Belong Here,” the show runs from June 8th to July 13th at Linienstr. 130, 10115 Berlin, Germany, featuring 10 striking paintings and a thought-provoking installation.

Nwadiogbu’s work delves into the profound question of what it means to call a place home. Through a vivid palette and layered compositions, he intertwines personal memories with the experiences of friends and family, reflecting on migration and belonging. The paintings, rooted in photographs of intimate spaces in Lagos, capture the essence of his subjects—welcoming, suspicious, or introspective.

“The Traveler” stands out in the collection, portraying a man who has long sought a visa to Europe. The piece symbolises the struggles and limited freedoms associated with migration. In works like “Her Point of View” and “Chioma (Midnight Visit),” Nwadiogbu offers glimpses into the lives of women in their domestic realms, creating narratives that merge personal histories with broader themes of identity and place.

Nwadiogbu’s exhibition is not just a commentary on migration but a celebration of resilience and community. His vibrant paintings, with their illuminated details and abstract backgrounds, evoke the fragmented yet poignant nature of memories.

The gallery invites the public to the preview party on June 7th from 7 pm to 10 pm, featuring a cocktail bar and music by DJ Casper Sandra. For more information, visit or contact 

Ken Nwadiogbu Studio, 10 Grant Road, London, United Kingdom, remains open for inquiries at


  • Featured image: Ken Nwadiogbu | City Sisters | Oil and Acrylic on Canvas | 170 x 170 cm | 2024


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