Kemi Adetiba’s Docu-series “ObongAnwan – The Honest Conversation Series” is Coming!

On her 41st birthday, award-winning filmmaker Kemi Adetiba introduced to women all over the world the ‘ObongAnwan‘ universe, “dedicated to everything that aids a woman bloom”. Kemi also noted that her “King Women” docu-series was being rebranded, now to be known as the “ObongAnwan” docu-series.

In the spirit of celebrating women, Kemi Adetiba announced the official launch of her docu-series “ObongAnwan – The Honest Conversation Series” to mark International Women’s Day.

The series brings women together to share their painful and vulnerable moments, in the hope that it aids other women navigate out of their pain and towards the light of healing.

The first episode features Nollywood stars Osas Ighodaro, Chioma Omeruah (Chigul), Tope Olowoniyan and sensational singer Niyola Akinbo sitting down together for an honest conversation on loss.

Kemi made the announcement on Instagram with a teaser for the first episode and captioned it,

This has got to be the most difficult, and the most uncomfortable project I’ve ever embarked on. The emotions were so raw (many times too raw) that there wasn’t a dry eye on the room.
I’m grateful to these women for agreeing to come together to share these painful and vulnerable moments… In the hope that it helps someone else navigate out their pain towards the light of healing.
Everyone on this table has suffered a significant loss that has altered their lives and/or perspective on life.

From @theonlychigul who lost her father 13 years ago, to Osas who lost her mom just a few months ago – they make us understand that there’s no time limit when dealing with loss. Some days a good, some days are alright, some days… You can’t even get yourself off the floor.
I’m grateful for the emotional reaching and teaching they shared with me.
OBONGANWAN – The Honest Conversation Series…
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