JVSH’s “PRND.YOUT” EP weaves a compelling narrative of Nigerian youth

JVSH, a multi-talented singer and composer, has released his new EP PRND.YOUT., his second of the year. 

Executive produced, mixed and mastered by SizzlePRO, JVSH said, “PRND.YOUT. is an outpouring of my true and unfiltered emotions on certain topics. The title represents a symbolic representation of the life of a young Nigerian. It is also a wake-up call for the youth to be aware of the realities of growing up and living in Nigeria”.

On PRND.YOUT., JVSH expresses his feelings to his lover and then addresses the youth on pressing issues. He shows emotional stability as an artiste and an individual, without being overwhelmed by the chaos and confusion around him. He also realises the predicament faced by the youth at every step.

The EP has ecstatic melodies and inspiring lyrics that make it a harmonious anthem. It brings the listener back to reality and lets them know they are not alone in the struggle. The title also reminds the listener that paranoia has shaped a lot of the individuals in this generation. It affects the spiritual, emotional, and various aspects of their lives.


  1. All Faxx (Prod by Sizzle Pro)
  2. Obsessn (Prod by Sizzle Pro)
  3. Tap Roots ft. Paybac (Prod by Broke boi)
  4. PRND YOUT (Prod by Sizzle Pro)
  5. Shhhh (Prod by Sizzle Pro)

PRND.YOUT is now available on all streaming platforms here

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