Juba’s Assurance documentary spotlights women in Lagos’ electronic scene

The London-born Berlin-based DJ has released a new documentary.

Entitled Assurance, the documentary explores the Lagosian music scene and its gender imbalance. Focusing on Nigerian artists, the documentary follows three women in particular – DJ Yin, DJ Ayizan and Sensei Lö – and zeroes in on the intersection of gender and class. Assurance also examines the influence of modern African music and West African Afrobeats on pop culture and global festivals.

“Assurance was conceived out of my desire to find new perspectives in the music industry’s gender imbalance debate,” Juba tells Crack Magazine. “Since I started DJing in 2016, I’ve only been able to look at the topic through the European lens and the discourse in general is overwhelmingly dominated by voices from the Global North.”

“Going to Lagos and immersing myself in conversation with the three DJs exposed me to a different set of narratives in a totally new, often ignored context. Stories like theirs are necessary for enriching and broadening the conversation around women in music and prove the importance of wider representation when discussing issues that are relevant to people all over the world.”

Assurance is out now. Watch the documentary below.

Source: crackmagazine.net

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