Josh Clarke to Partner With African Acts, Dedicates New Single to Nigeria

Gives $10,000 as Charity

Internationally acclaimed Canadian R&B pop star musician, Josh Clarke, has dedicated his new singles to Nigeria with plans to collaborate with African artistes to showcase her rich cultural heritage to the world.

His new singles titled, “Eyes on You” – thrilling and spinning music enthusiats – has been dedicated to Nigeria and a percentage of its proceed going to charity causes around the country.

Clearly, Josh Clarke’s sound bears a striking resemblance to the rhythmic beats we are accustomed to here in Nigeria and Africa in general. His fusion of Caribbean and African styles despite a Canadian upbringing shows his versatility. His style of music is cross-traditional as he hopes to connect music aficionados across the African, Asian and North American markets with his music.

The song writer and producer is strongly determined to give African artistes the opportunity to cross-over into the Canadian market through collaborations that would proudly showcase their rich African ancestry.

In a brief chat with the artiste, he assured Africa that 50% of the proceeds from these collaborations would go out to specific motherless baby’s homes and other charity efforts in Nigeria and across Africa. “This will be provided through our partner agency in Africa, Brand Envoy Africa”

Now Clarke, whose association with a Nigerian working on the set for his music video shoot, set the precedence for his interest in Africa with particular emphasis in Nigeria. This gave rise to his need to contribute towards corporate social responsibility initiatives in the continent. This was followed up by his humanitarian service carried out in June 2018.

Clarke and Kross-over Entertainment Group Canada had partnered Brand Envoy Africa, a creative marketing and branding agency with a local office in Nigeria.

The partnership discreetly distributed 10,000 dollars across six orphanages in Nigeria. This event was triggered by stories from Josh’s Nigerian worker who would constantly regal him and the entire crew with the good, bad and ugly stories about the country in-between shoots.

For the expressive artiste, who is not resting on his laurels, he believes that true service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

Consequently, the multi-talented artiste from Toronto Canada has joined the list of popular artistes like Wyclef Jean – whose newest venture Carnival World Music Group raised an impressive $25 million in capital funding – making waves in the international scene.

Interestingly, the artiste, who is revving up in the entertainment industry, has been named one of Canada’s next biggest artistes according to popular blog “City in Three”. Since childhood, Josh grew up in a musical family that made him create his own identity.

From playing drums at age two and learning to play the piano shortly afterwards, there is no doubt that his success and climb will not go unrecognised.

Working daily with the music industry’s finest and talented musicians cum producers, Josh released his first EP titled, “24 Hours”.

Speaking also, the CEO of Brand Envoy Africa, Mr. Temple Obike, described the unique entertainer as a Pan-African, intercontinental artiste.

He further expressed that: “After the first round of discussions, I paid a closer attention to Josh’s music and couldn’t help but notice a sound that was almost similar to what we hear out here in Nigeria.”

All I needed to establish was that this was a genuine initiative from Josh Clarke and his team to make positive inputs back to his roots before fully on-boarding. This is good for Nigeria and Africa in general.

Josh Clarke’s talent as an artiste is amazing and as we enjoy his music, we also know his heart for Africa is something that could be emulated by other artistes especially at a point where Africa’s potential is no longer in doubt.

This venture would most likely open up investment opportunities for African musicians with the involvement of Kross-over Music Group and Global Trade Advisors who cater to the business side of his music. Africa has risen and welcomes everyone who recognises this with open commercial arms. Click here to watch his soul captivating video.

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