James Winburn, Michael Myers’ stuntman in “Halloween,” has passed away

James Winburn, the stuntman who doubled as Michael Myers in scenes from John Carpenter’s original Halloween in 1978, is dead.

Winburn’s manager reportedly confirmed the stuntman died on November 19 following an undisclosed illness. He was 85 years old.

Winburn donned the iconic white mask in Halloween for scenes that actors Nick Castle or Tony Moran – who both portrayed Myers in the original film – were unable to do. This included a scene in the film in which Donald Pleasence’s Dr. Samuel Loomis shoots Myers six times, causing him to fall off a balcony before vanishing.

Though Halloween was arguably his best-known role, Winburn worked as a stunt actor on a wide array of films and TV episodes throughout his life, doubling for the likes of Stan Lee, David Hasselhoff, Peter O’Toole, Barry Bostwick and more.

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