James Gunn’s DCU welcomes Milly Alcock as Supergirl in ‘Superman: Legacy’

Australian actress Milly Alcock has landed the coveted role of Supergirl in James Gunn’s upcoming DC Universe project, “Superman: Legacy,” according to deadline.com. The House of the Dragon star secured the role, said the outlet, after a highly-publicised casting process, triumphing over contenders Emilia Jones and Meg Donnelly. There’s speculation that Supergirl might first make her appearance in Gunn’s “Superman: Legacy” before headlining her own feature film, “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow”.

Alcock, renowned for her portrayal of Rhaenyra Targaryen in the Game of Thrones prequel, as well as her roles in Aussie TV hits Reckoning and Upright, impressed Gunn with her diverse auditions. The director expressed his excitement about Alcock joining the DC Universe, noting her talent and embodiment of the character as envisioned by comic creators Tom King, Bilquis Evely, and Ana Nogueira.

Supergirl, also known as Kara Zor-El, is a character with a rich history in live-action, with actresses like Helen Slater and Melissa Benoist having previously brought her to life. Gunn is reintroducing the character as part of his larger effort to reboot the DC Universe. Superman: Legacy, set to premiere on July 11, 2025, stars David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan as Superman and Lois Lane, serving as a foundation for Gunn’s vision of the superhero world.

Despite concerns about the actor and writer’s strike affecting the release date, Gunn reassured fans that the film would meet its scheduled premiere. He credited the dedicated crew for their unwavering commitment during the longest strikes in Hollywood history, ensuring that “Superman: Legacy” would hit theatres as planned.

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