James Bond has evolved past womanising thanks to Daniel Craig, says Luke Evans

Luke Evans has praised Daniel Craig and his series of James Bond movies for evolving the character beyond his past reputation for womanising, DigitalSpy reports.

The outlet says Evans was speaking to The Independent about the character, who has been played by seven different actors across 27 films — starting with Sean Connery in 1962’s Dr. No and most recently featuring Craig in his fifth and final Bond outing in last year’s No Time to Die.

The character has had a reputation of womanising, with criticism against this side of the character increasing over the past few years. Craig’s movies, however, have moved 007 somewhat past that. Craig’s Bond had a romance with Léa Seydoux’s Madeleine Swann over

the course of the last two Bond movies, with the pair having a child in No Time to Die. And Evans has praised the recent movies for this development.

“We’re not in the Roger Moore [era] where he sleeps with five women per film, that’s not really what he’s about anymore,” Evans said, explaining that audiences are “more interested in the spectacle, the story”.

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