iREP mourns as Tam Fiofori, renowned Nigerian storyteller, passes away at 82

The IREPRESENT Documentary Film Festival mourns the loss of Tam Fiofori, a towering figure in Nigerian photography, filmmaking, and literature, who passed away on June 25, 2024. 

Femi Odugbemi, on behalf of the Directorate and Board of the IREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival, Lagos, says in a tribute statement that his unparalleled contributions have left an indelible mark on the documentary landscape of Nigeria and beyond.

Tam Fiofori, born in 1942, spent decades shaping the narrative of Nigerian and African experiences through his art. His work transcended mere documentation; it was a profound commentary on society, culture, and history. As a storyteller, his lens and pen brought to life the vibrant and often overlooked stories of his homeland.

His unwavering support for the IREPRESENT Documentary Film Festival was a testament to his passion and dedication to the craft. Attending almost every edition, he continued to inspire with new submissions, even in his later years, showcasing his relentless creativity and commitment to capturing the evolving tapestry of life.

Fiofori’s legacy is one of brilliance, innovation, and an unyielding quest for truth. His influence nurtured a generation of filmmakers and photographers, urging them to pursue authenticity in their storytelling. While his absence will be profoundly felt, his spirit and teachings will continue to guide and inspire future storytellers.

As we grieve his loss, we celebrate his remarkable life and the vast contributions he made to our world. Tam Fiofori’s work will forever illuminate the path for those who follow in his footsteps. 

Rest in peace, ‘Uncle Tam.’ Your memory will live on, cherished and revered by all who knew you and those who admire your work.


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