Ikike Arts launches to amplify diverse African voices

Poemify Publishers and Direwords Publishers have announced their merger to form Ikike Arts. This new entity, according to a statement, aims to amplify African voices and broaden the reach of the continent’s rich literary traditions.

Ikike Arts emerges from the union of Poemify’s acclaimed poetry publishing and Direwords’ renowned work in fiction, memoir and narratives that explore modern African experiences. 

With their over three decades of combined expertise, Ikike Arts is set to revolutionise the literary landscape by offering a diverse range of publications and initiatives.

“We are thrilled to launch Ikike Arts and shine an even brighter light on the universe of talented African writers,” said Jaachị Anyatọnwụ, co-founder and publisher of Ikike Arts, formerly of Poemify Publishers. “By pooling our resources, we can take African literature to new heights through strengthened distribution channels, increased digital presence, and better support for writers at every stage of their careers.”

Tochukwu Precious Eze, co-founder and chief editor of Ikike Arts, formerly of Direwords, echoed this enthusiasm. “Ikike Arts is committed to enriching the literary landscape with a diverse range of offerings, including the Oriọna Literary Magazine, the Direwords Annual Writers’ Workshop, Poemify Podcasts, The Fellowship, and prestigious literary prizes.”

Ikike Arts will publish works in English, French, Arabic and other African languages, with a focus on diverse perspectives including untold tales, women writers and young and aspiring voices from Africa. The company’s mission is to cultivate literary excellence from across the continent, emphasising stories that explore intersectional identities.

In addition to traditional print books, Ikike Arts plans to leverage digital publishing to make African literature more accessible worldwide. New digital formats, including ebooks, audiobooks and podcasts, will allow readers to engage with African literature in innovative ways.

For more information about Ikike Arts and submission guidelines for writers, visit www.ikikearts.com.


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