How to Read Books Like Bill Gates: Microsoft Founder’s Reading List for Winter.

Learn from the founder of Microsoft not only about some of the best books he recommends for this winter, but also about his tips to make the most of the books he reads.

How to Read Books Like Bill Gates: Microsoft Founder’s Reading List for Winter
Bill Gates, GatesNotes
“My philosophy is that I’d rather have too much to read on a trip than too little.” –Bill Gates
Seven years ago, Bill Gates decided to start a tradition that benefits everyone with a passion for knowledge and reading good books. Since then, the founder of Microsoft Corporation annually shares two lists of his selected and favorite works of non-fiction and fiction: A summer reading list and a winter reading list. Gates is a really passionate reader. He reads 50 books per year, finishing each book he starts as one of his rules. Sometimes, he would spend more time reading a book he disagrees with because it would take him more time to annotate his comments on the margin. In his personal blog, Gates Notes, he shares his book reviews and all related to the benefits of reading.

Since it is now the end of the year and is winter in the northern hemisphere, from which this article is being written, anything better than destressing in a comfortable chair with a good cup of hot chocolate and one of Bill Gates’ five recommended books to keep warm indoors from the cold season. Or, as Gates himself says: “To help you start 2020 on a good note.”

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