Herman Suede sets hearts aflame with new single “How Dare You”

Herman Suede has set the airwaves ablaze with his latest single, “How Dare You” in a musical exploration of unrequited love. With lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, the rising Ghanaian artiste’s newest track delves into the longing and confusion that often accompanies one-sided affection, leaving listeners yearning for a resolution that may never come.

Drawing from his early beginnings in music, where he began classical piano lessons at the tender age of five, Suede’s foundation in melody and theory shines through in “How Dare You.” The track features a catchy chorus that questions the motives of the object of affection, while the bridge expresses a desperate plea for intimacy.

Suede explains that “How Dare You” is about the feeling when someone ignites a fire within you, but you’re unsure if they feel the same way. The song captures the tension and confusion of wanting someone who might not be available. “What gives you the right to keep on turning me on? You’re clearly distracting me from things that I love,” Suede sings passionately, expressing his emotional state through his music.

‘How Dare You’ cover/ONErpm

With “How Dare You,” Herman Suede has created a song for anyone who has ever been consumed by a burning desire, urging listeners to delve into the depths of their own unrequited emotions.

Listen to “How Dare You” on here and connect with Herman Suede on Instagram and X.

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