Oladisun Delano’s “RUTHHALIMA” is about love that endures

RuthHalima is the Hot New Novel That is Getting a Lot of Buzz! The Soon to Be Bestseller is a Compelling Story About What Happens When True Love is Torn Apart by Life’s Hardships.
What happens when two elementary school pupils fall in love? What happens when they are torn apart by vicissitudes of life? Is there such a thing as preordained love?

RuthHalima is a story of love, a love that endures times, a love that survives contrary tides, a love that demonstrates faith and a love that unites faiths. It is also a story of innocence and experience of heartbreaks and healing, of family and forgiveness.

The author holds nothing back in this free-flowing prose that aptly captures the beauty and timelessness of love.

About the Author:

Oladisun Delano is a longstanding legal practitioner in Nigeria with a Master’s degree in Law from the University of London (The London School of Economics and Political Science). RuthHalima is his first novel.

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Website – http://ruthhalima.com/
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Amazon – https://amazon.com/RuthHalima-Mr-Oladisun-Delano/dp/978918624X/

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